Minecraft 1.15.1 released – bug fixes

The new version of Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.1 has been released. There are no significant changes in this version, the developers optimized the game and fixed a number of errors:

What’s New in Minecraft 1.15.1
Optimized display of chunks, especially for chunks with a large number of blocks with different states.
Fixed a bug due to which the game log file was clogged if the nursery of monsters created peasants.
Improved handling of situations when information arrives over the network with incorrect biome identifiers.
Fixed a crash occurring on the Realms screen.
Bugs fixed.
Removed Chirobrin.
Bug fixes:
NullPointerException error while tessellating a block model.
Anvils caused the java.lang.StackOverflowError error.
Damaged chunks prevented the renewal of saved worlds.
Today we are releasing 1.15.1, a release that addresses some stabiltiy and performance issues in 1.15.

Minecraft: Dungeons out next year on PC

Over the weekend break, at Minecon Earth, programmer Mojang announced brand-new PC dungeon crawler Minecraft: Dungeons, which has actually been produced by a small group at the studio’s HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.

‘This has actually been an enthusiasm job for them, and also is influenced by their love of timeless dungeon spider video games,’ Mojang’s imaginative communications assistant Tom Stone said on the main Minecraft site. You can have fun with up to 3 of your pals, handling all type of baddies in swamps, canyons as well as mines. Your objective is to save the villagers and take down the large poor: the Arch-Illager.


‘We have actually taken the combat mechanics of the core Minecraft game, as well as transformed it right into an experience video game in which you combat monsters, explore settings, discover prize, and make even much better devices,’ primary imaginative police officer Jens Bergenstein stated in a video clip that was played prior to the huge reveal at Minecon Earth.

No word on whether this will be offered on consoles as of yet, unfortunately. Take a look at the news trailer below to get somewhat of a feel for what remains in shop.

Minecraft 1.14 – Village and Pillage, villages and looting – what’s new?

Minecraft 1.14 is the next version of the game, which will be released in early 2019, will update the villages and NPCs, new decorative elements will appear, as well as the biome of the taiga.

During MINECON Earth 2018 some details of the upcoming minecraft upgrade to version 1.14 were announced:


Steps, plates, walls of smooth sandstone, andesite, diorite, granite, as well as their polished variations, there will be about 20 types of plates and steps.
Blocks of scaffolding – are made of bamboo, allow you to climb faster than the stairs, you can break all the blocks by breaking only the bottom.
Bamboo and Bamboo Stems
Berry Bushes


Crossbows – more powerful but slower bows, new charms for them.
Bamboo – food for pandas and building material.


Foxes – will be in the forest.
Robbers and marauders – armed with crossbows, will attack the village.
Monsters robbers – huge creatures similar to buffalo, will be in armor and with saddles, strong, destroy the beds.
Pandas – will appear in the bamboo forests, eat bamboo, playful, aggressive or lazy, the cubs can sneeze.

Generation of the world:

Bamboo forests and the generation of berry bushes will appear.
There will be new structures,


Changes of villagers: new skins depending on the professions and the biome in which the village is located, improved artificial intelligence.
Cats and ocelots will become different creatures, cats will appear in villages, they will have 9 new skins, cats will bring gifts to players and scare phantoms.
The design of the villages will vary depending on the biome.