Minecraft 1.14 – Village and Pillage, villages and looting – what’s new?

Minecraft 1.14 is the next version of the game, which will be released in early 2019, will update the villages and NPCs, new decorative elements will appear, as well as the biome of the taiga.

During MINECON Earth 2018 some details of the upcoming minecraft upgrade to version 1.14 were announced:


Steps, plates, walls of smooth sandstone, andesite, diorite, granite, as well as their polished variations, there will be about 20 types of plates and steps.
Blocks of scaffolding – are made of bamboo, allow you to climb faster than the stairs, you can break all the blocks by breaking only the bottom.
Bamboo and Bamboo Stems
Berry Bushes


Crossbows – more powerful but slower bows, new charms for them.
Bamboo – food for pandas and building material.


Foxes – will be in the forest.
Robbers and marauders – armed with crossbows, will attack the village.
Monsters robbers – huge creatures similar to buffalo, will be in armor and with saddles, strong, destroy the beds.
Pandas – will appear in the bamboo forests, eat bamboo, playful, aggressive or lazy, the cubs can sneeze.

Generation of the world:

Bamboo forests and the generation of berry bushes will appear.
There will be new structures,


Changes of villagers: new skins depending on the professions and the biome in which the village is located, improved artificial intelligence.
Cats and ocelots will become different creatures, cats will appear in villages, they will have 9 new skins, cats will bring gifts to players and scare phantoms.
The design of the villages will vary depending on the biome.