Minecraft 1.15.1 released – bug fixes

The new version of Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.1 has been released. There are no significant changes in this version, the developers optimized the game and fixed a number of errors:

What’s New in Minecraft 1.15.1
Optimized display of chunks, especially for chunks with a large number of blocks with different states.
Fixed a bug due to which the game log file was clogged if the nursery of monsters created peasants.
Improved handling of situations when information arrives over the network with incorrect biome identifiers.
Fixed a crash occurring on the Realms screen.
Bugs fixed.
Removed Chirobrin.
Bug fixes:
NullPointerException error while tessellating a block model.
Anvils caused the java.lang.StackOverflowError error.
Damaged chunks prevented the renewal of saved worlds.
Today we are releasing 1.15.1, a release that addresses some stabiltiy and performance issues in 1.15.